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Tease and Denial

Tease and denial is an erotic practice in which teasing is combined with orgasm denial or control in the context of a female domination dynamic. The period of orgasm denial may be brief, or may extend almost indefinitely through the use of male chastity devices.

In a female dominated play, tease and denial is to keep a man horny, and thus more easily controlled, by making him wait longer than usual between orgasmic relief. It is also often combined with practices such as begging the dominant woman to be allowed to come, or to eat his own seminal fluid afterwards.

Within a session with professional dominatrices, this practice can be particularly suited to a female top/male bottom couple in which the male finds cooperation in his own submission appropriate. For example, a man can be repeatedly made to masturbate almost to the point of orgasm, but not to go over the edge, or he can be fucking his mistress for her satisfaction but required to stop short of his own.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about tease and denial is that it clearly exists as a male fantasy. It is interesting that some men get aroused to the point of orgasm by fantasizing about not being allowed to orgasm.

The Joy of Tease and Denial (A Scenario)

Four hours ago, you started a little game. It was a harmless game; a little exercise in control. He voluntarily submitted to gentle bondage. He allowed himself to be spread-eagled to the four posts of the bed. He was already aroused by the time you had taken off your clothes, changed into a thong and a bra and took up a position next to his head. You stroked his chest hair, allowing your hands to lightly brush against his nipples. You kissed deeply. You went down on him, moistening him and sensitizing him to your touch. You mounted him, helping yourself to his desire. As his body approached climax, you could feel him increasing what little thrust his bonds allowed him and you started to rise. He rose up to meet you, to keep him inside of you…but, tied as he was, he could not stay inside. You rose off his penis, letting its tip stay just at the entrance, then pulled completely off, leaving it reaching and throbbing helplessly in the air. You allowed yourself to linger there, just inches from the tip of his penis as his body, arched up towards the ceiling, eventually gave out and collapsed back on the bed.

During the next few hours, you've repeated the process using all forms of stimulation. He has arrived at the brink of his orgasm dozens of times, each time left with nothing but air, in a vain search for friction. In the mean time, you have enjoyed several orgasms; orally, manually; even one you gave yourself with a vibrator while he licked the crack of your butt. Only one thing remains…desire for release. You stand back look at his delicious body; sweating and heaving, and consider if you'll allow him to reach his desired orgasm. Should you take pity on him? Show him mercy? Or, should you do what he's been begging you to do for the last 30 minutes, and just 'leave him alone'? The answer is negative.... you should keep him that way...

~ There is no denying the joy of denial ~

If you find any excitement in power and control, even for just a little while, you will adore the rush of Teasing and Denial games (T&D). T&D is an enjoyable gift you give your partner. You will be spending a large amount of time focused on him and his body, so he should be thankful for your time and effort. Tease and denial is enjoyable for both of you…so be sure to revel in your power!

Why Tease and Deny?

Two words: Power and control. In the realm of harmless fun, nothing approaches the rush of power you get to enjoy in sexually frustrating a man. Nothing compares to the control you have when you create a sense of sexual desperation, and then, at your whim, delay gratification of that desire.

The submissive man will love it as well. Here you're demonstrating a keen interest and focus on him and on his sexuality. Your confidence shows and grows right before his eyes. He can spiral in his desperation as each new activity brings him closer and closer to over-stimulation. You are playing him like a puppet, and he is helpless to resist.

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