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The Trainee Manager

by budgie

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Steve woke bright and early on this sunny Monday morning, he was eager to complete the final two weeks of his training which would see him achieve his ambition of becoming a Manager of one of the larger shoe stores of the Group for which he’d worked for eight long years. As he shaved he reflected upon all the hard work that had got him this far. From his humble beginnings as teaboy/dogsbody in a very small store to his current position of Assistant Manager at one of their larger London stores. He had earned his promotion through years of hard work, both in the shop itself and also through countless hours of studying to obtain the diplomas in Retail Management and Business Studies that he now had proudly framed.

And so it all came to these final two weeks, he was to report to the shop where the Managing Director was based, before receiving full confirmation of his forthcoming promotion. This was standard procedure because the MD insisted that he fully approved of anyone entrusted with the responsibility of running his stores. Steve had met Mr Pringle a few times before and was sure that he would have no difficulty in obtaining his approval. The MD was a reasonable and fair man and Steve had always created a good impression when they had met or spoken on the phone.

As he drove the twenty or so miles to the shop, he mused over what he would spend his future increased salary on. His first priority was to reduce the enormous amount of debts that he had incurred over the past few years, mainly due to his gambling losses.

He was basically a rather shy young man; he had only dated a couple of girls in his life. That didn’t mean, of course, that he did not fully appreciate the dozens of beautiful girls that he attended to in his shop every day.

As he waited for the store to open, he gazed in admiration of the attractive young lady who was walking along the street towards him. She must have still been in her teens and her pretty face was framed with fiery red hair which cascaded half-way down her back towards her black ultra-short skirt. As Steve admired her long, shapely legs, he estimated that she was about 5ft 8ins tall. But the four inch black leather spikes that carried her so majestically towards him, elevated her to a full 6ft.

As she got closer she caught his stare and returned it with a warm, friendly smile. Steve immediately became embarrassed and turned his eyes to the ground. Suddenly the click clacking of her heels stopped just in front of him. He looked up to see this gorgeous redhead extending her handshake towards him, as shook her hand he desperately searched his memory to recall her, surely he would have remembered such an attractive young girl.

"You must be Steve," she announced in a very haughty, upper-class voice. "I’m Kim Pringle, I’ll be working with you very closely for the next two weeks."

"Uh, yes, hello, how did you know who I was?" He managed to stutter out, still a little overawed by her approach.

"My father told me to expect you and we don’t get that many young men dressed in suits and ties waiting on our doorstep for us to open." She turned her key to unlock the front door and Steve followed her inside. As she turned on the lights, two other young ladies arrived through the front doors. Both were about the same age as Kim, and although quite attractive, neither could match her beauty. Kim introduced the girls as Samantha and Louise and told him that they would be working alongside him in the Ladies Department. She then asked him to follow her into an office where she sat down behind a large desk and offered him a seat before her. As Steve sat down, she passed a white envelope, which was addressed to him, over the desk.

"From my father," she said as she lit up a cigarette.

Steve opened the envelope with nervous fingers, wondering why Mr Pringle wasn’t here and how it might affect his impending promotion. As he read the letter, Steve discovered that his MD had had to fly over to South Africa where his mother was critically ill. He informed Steve that his final appraisal with regard to his Management suitability would be entrusted to his daughter, Kim. Although she had had no day to day knowledge of running the shop, she was receiving a University education which Mr Pringle thought of as essential if she was to take over the business when he retired. He asked Steve to give his daughter the same respect as he would give him and made it perfectly clear that he would give his daughter’s final assessment full backing.

As Steve finished reading the letter, a wave of relief swept over him. Surely she would be easier to impress than Mr Pringle, after all, she knew nothing at all about the shoe business.
"Is that all perfectly clear, Steve? It was fortunate that the University is closed for holidays, it means that I am able spend two weeks here getting a little practical experience as well as earning the new pony that my Father has promised me for doing so." She took a long puff on her cigarette as she looked across at him for any comments about the situation.

"It`s all perfectly clear Kim." He replied trying to ignore the swelling that she was causing to grow within his trousers.

"Well, if it is so clear, then why are you addressing me by my first name?" She asked incredulously. "You wouldn’t dream of calling my Father, Bob, would you? And does not the letter say that you are to treat me with equal respect?"

"Err....I... I’m sorry Miss Pringle," stammered Steve, quickly re-appraising the situation and realising that things would not be quite so easy for him as he had at first thought.
"That’s better," a smile played over her lips. "Respect is a very important issue in my book. Respect for your customers, respect for your colleagues and, most importantly of all, respect for your bosses, and for the next two weeks I am your boss and you will show proper respect or my assessment will not be a favourable one." She watched him squirm uneasily in his chair as he began to fully understand the situation. She was loving every minute of this. For years she had visions of what it would be like when she took over her Father’s business. How good it would be to command immediate respect and fear. The thrill of the power that that position of authority would give her. Not quite the power of life and death, but certainly the power to seriously harm someone’s career and greatly affect their life if they did not conform to her requirements. She had spent two hours on the phone the previous evening impressing all her friends, that at the tender age of 18, she would be in total charge of her Father’s business for a few weeks. She even invited them all to visit the shop and promised them that, as friends of hers, they would receive special care and attention.

She paused for a few moments to let the threat of a bad report hit home. "As I have no prior knowledge of your capabilities, I think it would be best if you worked your way up from the bottom over the next two weeks. You will begin in the Ladies Department with Sam and Louise, and then , if your work and attitude is satisfactory, you can go on to other more Managerial tasks. This way I will be able to give a better overall assessment of your capabilities." She picked up a phone and spoke to Louise, seconds later the girl knocked at the office door and was told to enter. Kim explained the situation to the salesgirl and asked her to report back to her regarding his progress at the end of each day.

Steve was furious, it was one thing having to take orders from Pringle’s daughter, but Louise was only just out of school and he, with all his experience and qualifications was being put in her charge. He opened his mouth to protest but thought better of it, he didn’t want to get on the wrong side of Kim this early on.

The morning passed without incident, Louise and Samantha quickly adjusted to the situation of having someone to do all the running about for them. Whenever their customer’s wanted to try on shoes, they just shouted to Steve to fetch and carry for them. It was only a matter of time before Steve could take no more and after Samantha had ordered him to fetch the umpteenth pair of shoes for a particularly fussy young lady, he threw down the boxes he was carrying and stormed into Kim’s office. She sat, her elegantly shod feet resting on the desk in front of her, glass in hand, with a half bottle of her Father’s favourite vodka beside her.

"What the hell do you think you’re doing, bursting into my office without knocking?" She screamed at him,

Steve was a little taken aback at the anger that greeted him, but he was not going to back down now. "Th..Th...This is ridiculous," he stammered. "I am a 24 year old man with seven years experience and a wall full of qualifications and you have me running about at the beck and call of a couple of kids barely out of school."

Kim’s bright green eyes flashed and then narrowed as she simmered inside. Who did he think he was to address her like this? She calmly finished her drink, the fifth of the day, before deciding on her next course of action. Thoughts of her superiority, fuelled by the alcohol, flooded her mind. This working class piece of dirt had no respect for her judgment or her position. Respect, yes that was the crux of it all. She herself had been taught respect from a very early age at the end of her Father’s belt. It hadn’t done her any lasting harm, she thought. Discipline is the way to teach respect. Her Father had regularly disciplined her until she was fifteen and her Mother died. She poured herself another drink and decided that she would teach this insolent male pig a lesson in respect, or alternatively, she would ensure that his career came to a sharp and abrupt end.

"Okay you insubordinate piece of shit, you really do need to be taught some manners," she spat at him. "I think I’ve seen enough to make my assessment of you right now, and I think you know what that will mean."

Steve swallowed hard, surely all his years of hard work couldn’t be destroyed by his justifiable outburst. But as he quickly considered the situation further, he realised that this is exactly what could happen. His future with the Company was in the firmly in her delicate hands, and right now those hands seemed to be tightening their grip with every passing second.

"Look Kim, I apologise, it was wrong of me to burst into your office like that, but you must understand how degrading it is for me to have to fetch and carry for those two young girls." He said pleadingly.

"It’s Miss Pringle to you scum, and of course I realise that it’s degrading for you. But I believe that if you want the right to give orders as a Manager with us, then you have to be able to prove that you can take orders yourself. You have failed the first test, I think it probably be best if you parted with the Company entirely, I can assure you that I will see to it that you have no future here." She smiled smugly at him and drank in the heady power of the situation. This was her first taste of the authority that she had fantasised about for so long. Now that it had arrived, the reality was even more intoxicating than the fantasy. She was determined to press home her advantage to the full and continued. "Remove yourself from these premises at once, your severance pay will be sent on to you."

Steve sat on the edge of his seat gripped by fear. Only a few short hours ago he had been been looking forward to the extra cash that his promotion would bring. During those last few hours his world had disintegrated around him, and all at the whim of the stuck-up little bitch in front of him. Who did she think she was to so totally ruin his life? She’s the MD’s daughter, that’s who she is, he answered himself immediately. And in the circumstances, she had the absolute authority to carry out her threat. He would have to try to appease her, to persuade her to give him another chance. It was all so unfair, but what choice was there if he wanted to save his job.

"Look Kim, I mean Miss Pringle," Steve corrected himself. "Maybe I was wrong to raise my objections with you, your assessment methods are unusual, but I’m sure they will work very well. He went on appeasingly. Let me go back to the shop with Sam and Louise and I will not give you any further trouble."

"I’m afraid that it’s gone too far for that Steve," she replied taking another long sip of her neat vodka. "Disobedience requires punishment and the only way I will allow you to continue is for you to apologise to the two girls in the shop for your outburst and to show them a lot more respect in future. If you want to remain with us, you will address them as Miss Samantha and Miss Louise in future. It will be a continual reminder to you that my main criteria for my assessment is respect. Remember that word well respect is the key to you either progressing further in your career with us or joining the unemployment figures."

Steve was in despair, he could not imagine humiliating himself before those young girls. But the alternative was too terrible to imagine. He knew that he had no choice other than to go along with it. After all, he would not be spending many days in that situation, he would be moving on to duties more suitable to his credentials

. "Alright," he said finally. "I will do as you ask, I will apologise and show the respect that you ask for when I speak to them."

"Good, that’s a start. "Kim announced. "That will deal with your tantrum in the shop. Now for the more serious matter, bursting into my office and trying to tell me how to do my job."

Steve cringed deep inside, this beautiful bitch wanted to twist the knife some more. He braced himself for what was coming next.

"As I said earlier, Steve, the only way to teach respect is through discipline and the most effective discipline I have ever received was lying over my bed while my Father belted my backside." She was quivering deep inside as she imagined what it might be like to be the person holding that belt. "The other condition to your continuance with us is that you will submit to physical punishment whenever I feel that you are lacking in respect."

You....You can’t mean that you would actually..." Steve stammered.

"Yes, that is exactly what I mean," interrupted Kim, her pretty features transformed into a mask of sadistic pleasure. "I will have the pleasure of thrashing some respect into that backside of yours. It’s your choice, there are no other alternatives, you have thirty seconds to decide."

Steve slumped in his chair, defeated. He knew that there was no alternative to going along with this power-crazy young woman’s plans. And anyway it might not be all bad, if she was into kinky sex things like spanking, then they may enjoy other more pleasurable kinky sex afterwards. He moistened his drying lips and said "Okay Miss Pringle, I will do as you ask. Anything that is necessary for me to stay on with the Company and enable me to receive a favourable assessment."

Kim bubbled inside with excitement at his words. Now she could really have some fun in exercising her new-found power.

" On your feet then young man," she ordered. "Your first job is to apologise to Louise and Samantha, and don’t forget their correct form of address or I will be forced to add to the twenty four stripes that I intend to put across your arse tonight.

Steve rose shakily to his feet, the mention of his forthcoming taste of pain causing a shiver of fear to run up and down his spine. The shop was empty when Kim presented Steve to the two young ladies to offer his apologies. Kim informed Samantha and Louise that Steve had an apology to make and invited him to continue.

Steve stood looking down at the floor just like a naughty schoolboy as he began his apology. "I’m very sorry Miss Samantha and Miss Louise for my outburst earlier, I know it was very wrong of me to throw those boxes on the floor in front of you and I promise that I will give you both more respect in future." He was still staring at the floor, not daring to look either of them in the eye.

The girls looked at each other and giggled like the schoolgirls that they were only a few months ago. Kim smiled triumphantly as she told the girls about Steve having to call them Miss in future and asked them to report any sign of lack of respect to themselves or to customers directly to her.

It was close to closing time and Steve had kept himself out of the way by tidying up the stockroom all afternoon. He couldn’t face two giggling girls. As Samantha and Louise prepared to leave, they both put their heads around the corner. "Goodnight Stevie boy," taunted Louise.

"Don’t be late in the morning," followed up Samantha.

These two little minx’s were loving every minute of this new game they had to play and Steve thought for a moment of making some sarcastic reply. However, he managed to check himself just in time, and by the time he had opened his mouth only "Goodnight Miss Samantha, Goodnight Miss Louise came out."

The girls disappeared tittering to themselves and Steve was left alone once again to ponder how on earth he had managed to get himself caught in such a humiliating situation. Five minutes later Kim announced that it was time for them to leave. She told him to follow her car home and that he could look forward to a warm reception when he got there.

For twenty minutes or so he followed the gleaming bumper of Kim’s sports car until she pulled into her long driveway in a secluded spot in the countryside. He had been praying for a police car to spot her weaving from side to side, no doubt a side effect from the vodka that she had been drinking all day.

She led Steve through the front door and told him to wait for her in her Father’s study. She returned a few minutes later , in her hand she swung a doubled up black leather belt, it looked a frighteningly sturdy instrument and was about three inches wide, made of leather that looked to be about a quarter of an inch thick.

"Sorry to keep you waiting little boy," she said as she slapped the belt down lightly upon her left palm as if to test it out. "I was looking for the same belt that my Father used to use on me, but I guess it’s been thrown away now. Never mind, don’t be disappointed, this belt of mine is every bit as thick and it’s an inch wider too, so that’s a bonus," she beamed happily.
Her mind was racing, she still wasn’t too sure whether he would let her go through with this, but she didn’t have to worry. If receiving twenty-four strokes from this young lady would save his job, he would be prepared to accept them.

She ordered him to remove his clothes. Within minutes he was standing in front of her clad only in boxer shorts. "And those too," she growled. "I want you to feel the full benefit of this lesson in respect."

Kim thought she saw a tiny tear escape from the corner of his left eye as he slowly slid his shorts down past his knees. This was getting better and better she thought as she fed upon his fear and humiliation.

"Over the desk, " she commanded. He slowly obeyed, gripping the far side of the desk as he did so. "Right, so it’s twenty-four and you will count each one. If you forget to count, you get it again. If you fail to keep your arse presented for the next lick, then we begin all over again."
She stood over him with the thick doubled up belt poised behind her left shoulder; she surveyed the glorious scene, taking in the very pale buttocks that were presented to her for her pleasure and amusement. She could hardly wait to start, but at the same time wanted this moment of intense anticipation last forever. Suddenly there was a whoosh of air followed a split second later by a resounding SPLATTT....

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