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Their World

by c.b. cobblestone

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I watched with sad eyes as the candle on the nightstand did its flickering, erotic dance...teasing me...the fire's happy jig seemed to be reminding me of what I had become...and of what I used to be. I knelt by the empty bed, hypnotized by the flame. It's only Friday, I sighed. Another long weekend lies ahead. Just outside the bedroom, nuzzled up on the couch watching TV, oblivious to my sorrow, was my precious wife Monica and her boyfriend Randy. Randy. Oh, how I hated him. But I feared him even more. Randy has been in the picture from the very beginning. Monica has been seeing him all along, but I thought that she might end the affair once we got married. I thought wrong. Randy not only has the key to my wife's heart - he has a key to the house as well. He moved in with us shortly after Monica and I were married, and even though I resent it terribly, there isn't a whole lot I can do about it. Oh well. This is my life now. I'm stuck with it. How did I get into this mess? To tell you the truth, I'm not quite sure. It all happened so fast... * * *

Monica was working as a waitress in a greasy spoon and going to college part-time when I first met her. From the first moment I saw her, I knew I was in love. I think it was her eyes that did me in. Those playful blue eyes..if I only knew the evil that was lurking behind them! I started coming around just about every day for lunch. At first, Monica pretty much ignored me. The few times she did deem to speak to me, it was with disdain - as if my presence was interrupting an otherwise pleasant day. "You again?" she would ask me, crinkling up her pretty nose. "Don't you have better things to do than hang around here bugging me? Get a life!" I knew all the other waitresses were laughing at me. I could see them snickering behind their hands every time Monica would loudly throw another put-down my way. But I was willing to play the part of the fool. Anything to be near her.

Eventually, after I continued to leave $10 and $20 tips in spite of her rude treatment, I think she began to sense the power she held over me. That's when she started asking questions. I should have noticed the calculating gleam in those eyes when I told her I was the owner of a successful business, and that I had a little money. But I didn't see the train coming. She made me beg for about a month before she finally let me take her out. We went out on a few dates, but I never even got to first base. One time when I did try to kiss her, she pushed my face away with the palm of her hand and laughed at me. "Yuck!" she said when her laughter died down. "C'mon, Carl, you're a nice guy and all..." she paused. "But a KISS? I don't think so!" My confidence was completely shattered. I never made any advances toward her after that. But even though Monica wouldn't give me the pleasure of even a friendly peck on the cheek, she began telling me she needed money. It started out as a hundred dollars here and there, but pretty soon it was almost like I was paying her a salary to go out with me - and a damn good salary at that! I guess she sensed my submissive nature from the very start, because it sure didn't take long for her to reel me in.

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