Sensual Foot Massage
Giving Sensual Foot Massage

Having a sensual foot massage not only feels good, it also can improve your sex life. A sensual foot massage relaxes you and increases the flow of blood within your body, making it easier for you to become aroused. A sensual foot massage also plays into our human tendency to eroticize the unfamiliar; because feet are often neglected, paying special attention to them can make for an extremely sensual experience for both the mind and the body.

At night, after your partner showers (or, if she is a morning bather, soak your partner's tootsies in a pan of warm water), have her lie down on the sofa or sit in a cozy chair. Turn down the lights, put on some soft music and sit near your partner's feet. Using a peppermint- or lavender-scented foot lotion (available at most drugstores), slowly rub each of your lover's feet using long, sensual strokes. Be sure to first warm the lotion in your hands, then rub it into the soles of each foot, using your thumbs to massage the arches and balls of the feet. Don't neglect the toes -- spend time caressing each little piggy. By the time you're finished, your partner should be happy, relaxed and in just the right mood to "go to bed" early! :)

Or better yet, you can follow the steps mentioned in the Erotic Foot Massage section for better results.

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