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Safety Issues

Femdom Play Safety Issues and Tips

BDSM Femdom activities must be safe - this is one of the main principles which should necessarily be observed. However, not everyone is aware of what this principle really means and what it implies.

The fact is that safety in femdom play is something more than willingness not to harm the submissive. You might be eager not to harm your submissive's health, you might be careful about your own safety however lack of necessary knowledge is very likely to prevent you and your partner from practicing safe femdom activities.

Actually safety implies many things such as proper choice of a partner, proper getting ready for female domination session, safe use of toys and safe words.

Choice of a femdom play partner

This is not an easy matter. You have not only to find a person who loves the same as you. You must make sure your partner is a mentally normal person who is not going to harm or even kill you. Therefore choice of a partner implies a great deal of caution.

Femdom Play - Partner choice tips

1.Preferably this should be a person whom you know quite well or you friend's acquaintance. Make sure this person is not a maniac who is going to kill you or at least severely injure you.

2.If still you are going to have sex with a stranger - let someone know the address where you are going to meet. As well leave your phone number and ask someone to call you at some definite time.

3.Postpone or cut the date if you feel you should avoid it. Instead try to gather information about your possible partner. But even if you like your partner and do not have any reasons to distrust him always reasonably value his actions.

Female domination session safety

It implies proper getting ready for session, safe use of toys and safe words.

Proper getting ready for a femdom session

Providing safety of a femdom session begins before it, rather than at the moment when you take a toy (a whip, a paddle, cuffs, etc) being eager to begin your play.

First of all you should get ready for the session. Make sure

  • you have first aid at hand. Even the safest play might be risky. Make sure you can help your partner when necessary.
  • your partner is in order: he is not sick, he does not have sores, he is not drunk, etc.
  • your BDSM toys are in order and are not going to harm either you or your partner.

Safe Femdom toys use

Improper and unsafe use of femdom or BDSM toys is fright with injures or even severe health harm. Therefore necessarily take into account the following tips.

1.Read carefully the instruction and carefully follow it when using a femdom toy for the first time.

2. Always make sure the toy you are going to use is in order. This especially concerns battery operated sex toys.

3. Being a Dominatrix you can first try a BDSM toy yourself in order to find out what your sub is likely to feel. Do not think that this will make you less dominant. Remember that you are responsible for your slave's health.

Safe words.

Safe words provide the submissive with possibility to stop the session thus protecting himself of injures or psychological traumas.

  • 1. Be sure to use a unique word, rather than simple "no". This word must be intended only for one purpose - to let the dominatrix know he should stop what he is doing.
  • Use of such BDSM toys as gags which prevent the submissive from speaking necessarily implies a stop-sign which means the same as safe word.
  • Safe words must always be respected. There is no reason to neglect it.

Safety is one of the main principles that a female dominant relationship is based on. Femdom is not simple horror and torturing. It implies love, respect and responsibility of each other. Now we are going to speak about various types of play, about femdom  toys used for each type of play and ways to provide safety during a femdom session.

Flogging and spanking play

Flogging play implies use of various flogging toys, such as simple whips and multi-tailed whips called floggers. Most floggers look quite scaring however, they are not as painful as might seem. Actually some of them are not painful at all. Nevertheless, you should be careful when choosing a whip or a flogger.

Choice of a flogger or whip. Necessarily pay attention to the lashes, they must not be too thick and stiff. Another thing you should pay attention to the ends of lashes - they should be a little rounded so as not to be too painful and not to cause injury. Choose only soft floggers. Your BDSM toys must not hurt the submissive.

Spanking and Paddling Spanking and paddling as well implies use of especial BDSM toys. Every time when you use a paddle remember that your blows should not be directed to kidneys, neck or lower back. Instead spank butt, thighs or upper back.

Restraint BDSM play almost always implies bondage and restraint. Proper restraint adds greatly spices up the play but only provided you do everything properly and use the right BDSM toys for this purpose.

Tying.. Many doms love the idea of tying down the submissive as it really makes him or her completely helpless and obedient. However, always keep in mind that for this purpose you should use chains or ropes, rather than silk scarves or nylon stockings which tend to make tight knots. As well they tend to pinch - this is likely to cause nerve injury.


These are one of the most popular BDSM toys, however, if used improperly they are likely to harm the submissive.

Handcuffs safety tips

1.Always lock the handcuffs after you have put them on the submissive. Unlocked handcuffs can by accident lock themselves thus injuring the submissive while he is trying to change the position.

2. Do not draw the handcuffs too tight. It is enough that they do not slip down. The bracelets of locked handcuffs must freely turn around wrists of your slave. The bracelet must not press the skin.

3.Never hang up your submissive with handcuffs and do not put him on his wrists with handcuffs on. This can severely damage the nerves.

General tips for restraint and bondage

1. If you are a submissive and you feel your limbs get cold, let the dom know about this matter. The fact is that usually coldness of limbs means difficulties with blood circulation. Therefore the restraint should be repositioned or loosened.

2. Never block simultaneously the submissive's nose and mouth. If you use such BDSM toys as gags, make sure the bottom's nose is free.

3.Always have at hand a pair of scissors so as you can urgently loosen your partners from ropes when necessary.

Anal play

Femdom  activity often implies anal play - either anal intercourse or use of special anal toys. Anal play seems enjoyable for both men and women but only provided it is performed properly and with taking into account all safety measures.

Safe anal play tips.

Relaxation. This rule must necessarily be followed, otherwise you are not going to get pleasure. Lubrication - lubrication provides better gliding. Anus does not have natural lubrication, therefore use of a lubricant is absolutely necessary.

Slow penetration. Penetration must be slow, gradual and gentle, especially if the receiving partner is not experienced enough.

Only anal toys. If you want to use a sex toy for anal play, than use only specially designed anal toys. Sex toys of this kind possess a flared base which does not allow them to be inserted too far. There are plenty of nice anal toys which will make your anal play really exciting!

Never think that safety rules are designed for breaking them. Love your partner and be responsible for his well-being!

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