Sadistic Women

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By definition, sadistic women are women who derive sexual gratification from inflicting pain, emotional abuse, or cruelty on others.  In female domination, normally, sadistic women are the ones who gain sexual pleasure from abusing or torturing males.

Although there are many males who have fantasized being abused by sadistic women, in reality, there are not many sadistic women in the real world.  According to a statistics, submissive men far outnumber sadistic women (about 100:1, meaning 100 submissive men to one sadistic woman) .

In many femdom stories, sadistic women are described as attractive and sexy.  For example, in Ladies Night, Angela Benson, wears "a pair of gleaming black boots, the heels impossibly slim and three inches high. They were met at just below knee length by the hem of a beige leather skirt, which danced and skipped as it flared out from trim hips." Angela's "shining blonde hair cascading around perfectly developed shoulders."

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