Regime Imperia

Summary: Excellent Femdom Fiction Pay Site!

In Regime Imperia, women command and men obey. The men are submissive by nature and the women are naturally sexual sadists.

In Regime Imperia, you will read the thrilling lives of ten of these couples and all who come into contact with them. The stories of Regime Imperia are told in ongoing soap opera style. the femdom stories are original and the artworks illustrated by original artwork not found anywhere on the net.

We have read some of the stories of Regime Imperia and we found them to be very interesting in terms of the femdom themes mentioned in the stories, which include chastity, cbt, cuckold, etc.

Although it is a pay site, you will definitely find it worth the fees you paid.  We have selected a few of the families written in Regime Imperia:

CORD: Famous tennis player, Peter Leaman, is slave to the benign and loving middle age soap opera star, Ellen Brubaker. But Brubaker must make a film in Egypt and Peter can't go. New friend, Mistress Dominique, advises Ellen not to leave the handsome 29 year old alone in Manhattan for 3 months. Her suggestion? Why not lend him to Dominique's acquaintances: two lesbians named Jesse Cord and Gem Barnett. They'll be glad to have a house-boy for the few months and Ellen can feel confident Peter won't get into trouble. But Peter finds himself in a hell he could never imagine, and his 3 month sentence?... the lesbians want that extended... indefinitely.


* Whipping/beating
* Rigid bondage
* Chastity devices
* Face slapping
* Forced Servitude
* Confinement/imprisonment
* Humiliation
* Serving as maid/ashtray/furniture
* Forced cross dressing
* Suspension
* Trampling
* Rules/regulations

EVERETT: Donald Everett is married to Caroline. Caroline, 37, has two teenage daughters. Slave Donald is subjugated by and tortured by all three females. Daughter Mary is Beautiful, and blessed with over-sized breasts, she looks forward to gain full rein over her stepfather. Younger daughter, Celeste, enjoys the atmosphere where she can witness her mother humiliate and beat the man who can't keep his eyes from the two sexy teens. Caroline, meanwhile, is an unrestrained sadist, and loves showing off to her daughters and other Regime Imperia families, where her soirees are the talk of the town. Although the teens are not permitted sexual acts with the adult male, and there is no nudity, still they conspire to make his existence under their mother's roof a daily hell.


* Beating
* Caning
* Chastity
* Domestic service
* Face slapping
* Food deprivation
* Forced servitude
* Humiliation
* Lecturing, verbal humiliation
* Pain
* Crops, whips
* Rules
* Stocks, crosses,
* Crawling
* Golden showers
* Public humiliation
* Trampling, kicking
* Boot, foot worship

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