Female Supremacy
Female Supremacist

Female supremacy is a belief that women (or womyn, as spelled by female supremacists) are the superior sex over men.  Female supremacy also believes that the society would be better served if it were ran by womyn instead of men. A Female Supremacist believes that womyn should be in positions of authority from government clear down to marriage, where the wife should rule over the husband.

A Female Supremacist also believes that womyn and men are different. She believes that they both have strengths and weaknesses, but that the womyn has more strengths than the man and that she contains the traits that is best fitted to be in a position of authority.

For example, a female supremacist might believe that the society would be more peaceful and more harmonious if womyn are in power.  A female supremacist might also believe that a female militant commander would be better suitable for the job than a man because of certain advantages that womyn possesses.


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