Erotic Foot Massage
Giving Erotic Foot Massage

Start by a Simple Cleansing Foot Bath

Throw a small handful of natural sea salt into a bowl of warm water and stir until the granules have dissolved. Sea salt is known to be a natural cleansing agent, drawing the body's toxins out of the skin and relaxing the tissues. It is also rich in minerals.
Once you have prepared the bowl of warm water and added to it your chosen ingredients, place it before your partner and ask her to soak her bare feet for five minutes. Suggest that she flexes and stretches her toes and feet in the water to exercise the tendons and muscles and release tensions. You will probably hear her sigh with relief as her feet begin to relax.

The Effects of Erotic Foot Massage

Erotic foot massage can produce a calming and soporific effect on the physical system or an invigorating one. Soft strokes will reduce anxiety and induce a good
sleep. A gentle erotic foot massage is a perfect antidote to stress and insomnia, while more vigorous strokes and deeper pressure will boost a sluggish system.  It is also erotic and sensual for your partner to enjoy.

The Erotic Foot Massage

An erotic foot massage benefits the whole body. The foot has many thousands of nerve endings which are stimulated during an erotic massage. There is even a whole
system of pressure-point therapy practiced on the feet, called reflexology, which works by pressing with thumbs or fingertips on specific zones to boost corresponding organs, glands, and body areas. Each foot contains 28 small bones and long tendons running down from the leg muscles to the toes.

Take her right foot out of the bowl and enfold it in a warm towel. Gently pat her foot to dry it thoroughly and place it on your knee. Make sure your partner's leg is relaxed and the knee flexed.

Spread oil or lotion on the leg and start the massage with a series of smooth, flowing strokes on the lower leg to warm and relax the muscles responsible for moving the toes. With your fingers pointing to your partner's head, sweep your hands one after the other over the front of her leg to just below the knee. Glide your hands to the back of the leg and, molding them into the calf, pull them gently down to the back of her ankle. Sweep your hands around the ankle and repeat the stroke in an unbroken motion four times to boost lymph and blood circulation.

Now do three flowing sequences of fan-stroking up the leg from the ankle to just below the knee in much the same way as fan strokes are performed on the thigh area on page 37. Make sure that your hands fully encompass the shape of her leg, so that as they fan out and around, your Fingers stroke down behind the calf muscles before returning to the front of her leg. Feel her calf muscles ripple and loosen beneath your strokes. 

Support the ankle with your left hand and apply pressure to. the fingers of your right hand to stretch into the tissue along the outer ridge of your partner's shin bone. As it reaches the knee, sweep it back down behind her leg while your left hand repeats
the motion on the inner ridge of the shin bone. As each hand reaches the back of the heel, slide your fingers firmly around the ankle bone before your hand ascends the front of the leg. Repeat the sequence three times.

Knead the muscles on the back of her leg by placing your right hand over her calf, gently lifting and squeezing the flesh between your fingers and heel and then releasing the pressure. Knead down the leg from just below the back of her knee to the Achilles tendon of the heel.

The ankles bear the pressure of the whole body weight and are put under strain when there are problems with posture. Stiff ankle joints inhibit movement and can make the whole body feel unsupported from ground level. Soaking the ankles in warm water and then massaging them to ease tension held around the joints will increase suppleness in the feet and bring relaxation to the whole body structure, including an aching back. Use the Fingertips of both hands to sweep deftly around
and around the outer edges of the ankle bones. Then lightly cup your hands behind her ankle so your fingers are interlaced. Use your thumb pads to massage thoroughly, one thumb following the other in small outward moving circles over the front of the ankle. This movement is made by rotating the base thumb joint and is more effective if pressure is applied on the upward and outer half of the circle, with a softer glide back. Once you have massaged the sides and front of the ankle, stroke all around each side of her heel with tiny fingertip circles, using both hands simultaneously.

Rub a little more lotion between your hands and slide both hands, fingers pointing toward the ankle, over the instep. Circle your Fingers around her ankle bones and pull your hands back down the sides of the foot to her toes so that your fingers stroke firmly along the sole of her foot. Repeat this movement four times without breaking the flow of motion and feel how her foot softens and warms beneath your

Rest her heel in your right hand and place the fingers of your left hand under the sole of her foot. Rotate the heel of your hand all over the outer half of the instep and along the outside of the heel while your fingers simultaneously massage the sole of her foot. Then hold the foot in your left hand and massage in the same way on the inner side of the 'instep and heel with your right hand.

Toes, which are usually cramped and tense, appreciate a gentle stretch combined with movement and massage. Start with the little toe and clasp it above and below the base joint with your thumb and index Finger. Gently rotate the first joint three
times in both directions and then slide along to the top joint and wiggle it up and down. Go back to the base joint with your thumb and finger and pull firmly but sensitively along the toe. Give a firm squeeze to the tip of the toe before snapping your fingers out of it. Repeat these movements on the other toes. You will need to swap the position of your hands to stretch along the last two toes.

The skin on the sole of the foot is usually quite thick, so increase the pressure of your strokes as you massage its surface. Rest the heel of her foot in your left hand. Now clasp the foot with your right hand so that your fingers lie across the instep and your thumbison the sole, just below the flat of the heel. Move your thumb in short, firm strokes, one slide following another, to cover the area from the heel to the base of the toes. Then make a loose fist with your hand and grind your knuckles in small semi-circular actions all over the sole, keeping a check that the pressure is not too hard.

Light feather-stroking down the leg and foot with your fingertips, one hand overlapping the other, will give the massage a stimulating skin-teasing finish. To increase the skin sensation even more, gently rake over the top of her foot with your
fingernails. Then cradle the foot between your hands for several moments.

Dry the left foot, remove the bowl, and repeat all of the above strokes. When you have finished the massage, lift both feet to rest the soles softly on the Surface of your stomach. Breathe into your abdomen and imagine that you are sending your breath out into your partner's feet. She will enjoy feeling the rise and fall of your midriff as you breathe beneath her feet.  For erotic actions, you may also kiss her feet or lick her feet.

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